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"An incredible experience because we got to see all the diversities of Ecuador, from snow to the beaches. Everything was very well organized. I always felt safe and very well looked after."
- Sarah Macdonald
From the ISV Ecuador Trip

ISVís Annual Photo Competition

2010/2011 Winners Announced
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Welcome to ISV's Annual photo competition! This competition showcases photos from ISV volunteers and leaders from the 2014 May to September season, and the November 2014 to February 2015 season while they volunteered on conservation and community development projects and then travelled around Costa Rica, Thailand, South Africa, the Dominican Republic and other incredible ISV destinations!

ISV will be choosing a winner from each of the following categories:

  1. Volunteer Project – share those meaningful moments building, planting, teaching, sharing, playing, laughing and contributing as you volunteer to protect our planet and improve the lives of others.
  2. Adventure Tour – submit photos that show the world how challenging, exciting, fun and mind-blowing beautiful the adventure tour was as you explored your host country on adrenaline and culturally enriching activities!
  3. People,  Places and Planet – show us your artistic side with images that capture those cultural, people, historical or interactions with nature that made your heart go ‘wow, this is the most incredible experience EVER’!
  4. Group – one of the best parts of ISV is the other ISV volunteers you meet and connect with for life. Submit your best group photos on project, tour or out discovering your host country!

A shortlist of the finalists will be presented in albums on ISV’s FB page, and winners will be determined by the number of Likes (votes!) that each photo receives!

Winners of each category will be awarded with a $1000 program scholarship to volunteer again with ISV and take on another amazing adventure abroad. Alternatively, winners can choose to donate their scholarship prize to another volunteer, or, winners may elect to donate $1000 to the volunteer project on which they participated last summer.  Prizes must be redeemed within two years, participating no later than January 2017.

Entries close March 15, 2015.

How to Enter:  You may upload your ISV photos (by relevant country) by creating an account using the links on the left.
Photo guidelines:
  • Images must be taken during your ISV program (hopefully that’s obvious, just sayin’ it).
  • Each contestant is permitted to submit a maximum of 16 photos only.
  • Minimum photo resolution – 6 megapixels. Read more about this requirement here.
  • No filters. That way everyone’s on a level playing field and image quality is at its highest.   
  • Tell your photo’s story – Give Title and Description as follows: 


(TITLE) The Primordial Women of Ikwerre Land, Location: River State, Niger Delta Nigeria

The Primordial Women of Ikwerre Land

(Desription)Each year the women of Ikwerre land honor their ancient traditions by displaying a significant role or character of ancient times. These women are on their way back from fetching water from the stream. The pots on their head are used to fetch water from the stream back in the ancient times and are called "Mbuboru”.


You can browse the photos below that have been entered in the competition so far from recent ISV programs.  The best photos from previous year’s competitions can be seen on our Facebook page here.

Enjoy the photos, and thank you for supporting volunteering and helping to change our world!


Categories - Click below to view, vote or upload photos from an ISV host country.
Australia (165)
Fiji Excursion (16)
Costa Rica (362)
Dominican Republic (170)
South Africa (475)
Wild Africa Excursion (41)
Thailand (372)
Cambodia Excursion (35)
Vietnam (0)
USA (0)

1636 images in 10 categories.

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Leopard Tortoise
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Pickles concentration face
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  Phone: (714) 779-7392
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  Phone: (714) 779-7392

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