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Green Butterfly
Green Butterfly
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"To change one small piece of the world in such a positive way is an unbelievably rewarding experience. It instills a desire to continue helping wherever possible, until all the pieces make an unending hole in the blanket of imperfection."
- Philippi Lockwood
From the ISV Thailand Trip

Welcome to ISV’s Annual Photo Competition

Let the images tell the stories of life-changing experiences of ISV volunteers during the May 2014 to February 2015 ISV programs. Discover the incredible impact the ISV volunteer and adventure travel programs had every volunteer and their new ISV friends, but especially on the local community and the natural environment. Let these photos from Latin America, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa and the Caribbean, inspire others to volunteer to make a difference, and explore the world through responsible travel! Read more info below!

Title: Midget the Cheetah, Location: Shingwedzi, South Africa, Photographer: Janae Anne Giroux (winner, Best People, Place & Planet 2013-14).

This is Midget. One of the volunteers’ tasks was to spend time with this cheetah cub and get him used to human interaction. When he grows up he will be an ambassador cheetah with the Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre and be used to educate children on the cheetah’s ecological importance.

ISV will be choosing a winner from each of the following four categories:

  1. Volunteer Project Share those meaningful moments building, planting, teaching, sharing, playing, laughing and contributing. Submit images that tell the story of the bonds formed and achievements made, as you volunteered to protect our planet and improve the lives of others.
  2. Intrepid Adventurer Did you capture awesome moments on the adventure tour or excursion?  Here is where you submit your most adventurous photos while canyoning, rafting, caving, trekking and much more, from the traveling part of your ISV program!
  3. People, Places & Planet Share your artistic shots of the incredible scenery, wildlife, people, culture, history and natural areas that captured your heart during your ISV journey.
  4. Best Group One of the best parts of ISV is the other ISV volunteers you meet and connect with for life. Submit your best group photos on project, tour or out discovering your host country! (Group shots with one or more ISV shirts receive extra bonus points)!

A shortlist of the finalists will be presented in albums on ISV’s FB page, and winners will be determined by the number of Likes (votes!) that each photo receives!

Winners of each category will be awarded with a $1000 program scholarship to volunteer again with ISV and take on another amazing adventure abroad. Alternatively, winners can choose to donate their scholarship prize to another volunteer, or, winners may elect to donate $1000 to the volunteer project on which they participated last summer.  Prizes must be redeemed within two years, participating no later than January 2017.

Entries close March 15, 2015.

How to Enter:  You may upload your ISV photos (by relevant country) by creating an account using the links on the left.

Photo guidelines:

  • Images must be taken during your ISV program between May 2014 and February 2015 (hopefully that’s obvious, just sayin’ it).
  • Each contestant is permitted to submit a maximum of 4 photos per category.
  • Only submit photos you personally took, or get the approval if submitting on behalf of a fellow ISV alumni
  • No professional photos are permitted.
  • Minimum photo resolution 180dpi (please submit the highest resolution/quality possible).
  • No filters. That way everyone’s on a level playing field and image quality is at its best.   
  • Tell your photo’s story Title, Location and Description as per the example above.  

You can browse the photos below that have been entered in the competition so far from recent ISV programs.  The best photos from previous year’s competitions can be seen on our Facebook page here.

Enjoy the photos, and thank you for supporting volunteering and helping to change our world!


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Best Group, People, Places & Planet, Intrepid Adventurer ...
South Africa (172)
Best Group, People, Places & Planet, Intrepid Adventurer ...
Thailand (65)
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Intrepid Adventurer, People, Places & Planet, Best Group

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Unlike anything else...
Unlike anything else...
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Taking this Crazy Cat Lady thing to a whole new level!
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An Inseparable Bond!
An Inseparable Bond!
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